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Don't get all soft and squidgy.

Don't get all soft and squidgy.

Let us check your brake fluid.

Did you know?

  • Brake fluid is a vital part to your safety as any of the other parts in your braking system.
  • Over time brake fluid absorbs moisture which will lower its boiling point.
  • With a lower boiling point, inefficiencies will creep into your braking system which could eventually cause your brakes to fail altogether.
  • If your vehicle does not have safe brakes you can be fined £5,000 in the Magistrates Court, more in the Crown Court and in the event of a fatal accident you could even face imprisonment.
  • Saying that you thought you had maintained the braking system by servicing your vehicle at the appropriate service intervals is not an acceptable defence.
  • Brake fluid absorbs air and moisture over time resulting in inefficient braking and eventually brake failure.
  • With the introduction of Corporate Manslaughter, Corporate Homicide and Health and Safety Legislation your duty of care to your employees and others could cost you 10% of your average annual turnover or more if there are aggravating factors.
  • Mercedes-Benz recommends that the brake fluid in your vehicle be renewed at least every two years.

Brake Fluid Change

  • Check brake fluid levels and for signs of leakage.
  • Drain brake fluid and renew using Mercedes-Benz approved brake fluid (a brake fluid that meets all of the franchise optimum braking requirements).
  • Test braking system.
  • Record in service book.
  • Dispose of old brake fluid in accordance with environmental regulations.

Ask or call your service advisor today for more information about a Brake Fluid Change.